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OE numbers: 5Q0501049, 5Q0501049AB, 5Q0501049AD, 5Q0501049AH, 5Q0501049AN, 5Q0501049AP, 5Q0501049AQ, 5Q0501049AR, 5Q0501049AS, 5Q0501049AT
5Q0501049BA, 5Q0501049BB, 5Q0501049BC, 5Q0501049BD, 5Q0501049BE, 5Q0501049BF, 5Q0501049BG, 5Q0501049BH, 5Q0501049BJ, 5Q0501049BK, 5Q0501049BL, 5Q0501049BM, 5Q0501049A, 5Q0501049CB, 5Q0501049C, 5Q0501049D, 5Q0501049j, 5Q0501049q, 5Q0501049R, 5QM501053A, 5QM501053B, 5QM501053C

Regenerated, refurbished Rear axle Skoda Octavia III estate-break (2012-2020) – V06, regeneration of the rear axle

  • Complete Rear axle Skoda Octavia III estate-break (2012-2020) – V06

  • 2 years warranty

  • Proven quality

  • Free shipping

The Antalex company specializes only with regeneration of rear suspension axles in Peugeot, Citroen, Renault Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars. We have repaired over 500,000 axles so far. We are the leader of regeneration in Europe. Rear axle regeneration done right only with Antalex!