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Manufacturer of regenerated rear axles
from and for the European marketrear axle Peugept Citroen Renault

Over 300 000 manufactured regenerated axles, about 23 000 pieces of axle cores on our square, 7 000 m2 production area, 15 years of expierience, over 70 employees – we are largest company in Europe which specialize in production of regenerated rear axles for Peugeot, Citroen and Renault.


15 years of experience

2 years warranty

100% of professionalism

Punkty partnerskie Antalex w całej PolscePartners across Europe

We are the largest company in Europe dealing in the production of regenerated rear axles of PSA and Renault car groups. At present, about 250 pcs of axles are coming off our production line every day, so on average one axle every 6 minutes.

A huge experience, the highest quality of products, availability, fast delivery time and competitive prices have made us the most-chosen company producing regenerated axles by private individuals through car repair shops, automotive wholesalers and major car parts distributors.

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